Hoist Solutions



Air Hoists are ideal for environments where electricity is not suitable. Self-cooling motors, variable speed lifting, and load spotting ease are some of the benefits these units have over electric models.


Hand chain hoists are designed for portability and durability. These chain hoists are the economical and practical choice for efficient, trouble-free service. Absolute Crane offers long-lasting construction grade hoist models that offer the best value in a hand chain hoist.


Lever hoists are a low cost alternative to powered hoists, designed for hand operation to fit any application where typical powered equipment is not available.


We provide an ample array of wire rope hoist solutions specifically designed according to the IS 3938-1983 modular construction. Wire rope hoists are ideally suited for virtually any lifting application. These modular, versatile hoists offer capacities from 1/2 to 100 tons. Electric or air-powered, indoor or outdoor duty, general or severe industrial service, for standard, corrosive or explosive environments.


Trolleys are engineered and manufactured for virtually every type of crane in a number of industrial markets.Trolley assemblies are designed to withstand the most challenging operational and safety constraints.